image source: http://www.audioinferno.com/2015/08/28/parkinglotgrass-drop-their-new-album-tusk-at-hand/
image source: http://www.audioinferno.com/2015/08/28/parkinglotgrass-drop-their-new-album-tusk-at-hand/

Once again, Parking Lot Grass have graced our ears with their newest album, Tusk at hand. Note, this has never happened before. Normally they release a song or two, it hits or it misses. Most of the time it hits since the chorus is usually quite catchy and the content of the music very familiar. My past personal favourites would without a doubt be shimo mfukoni,etched on my heart and speedchaser.

Parking lot grass have been around for a while,5 years now as they began releasing their music to the public in 2010. It was roughly around that time that I started discovering the likes of doveslimme and murfy’s flaw and realising that I could also be a rock artist in Kenya and not die of anonymity. Kidding.

Jokes aside, this 5 boy band, has revolutionised their music entirely in Tusk at hand.The introductory beat gets your attention from the get go and after that the music just keeps you yearning for more up to the point where you start singing along to it and then you realise you’ve got to have this album, come what may. That right there was my experience with rain man, which is why am listing my personal favorites,maybe our tastes are pretty similar, or not.

image source: mdundo.com

Kilio cha haki


Turn around ft Clay{Nigerian rocker}

Chosen one

Rain man.

The instrumentals are sweetly metallic, they don’t make your ears want to quit, the vocals by Duncan Muriira are beautifully done and the message quite clear, as it emphasises on protecting our wildlife, most especially our elephants that have now become an endangered species. That, you can also tell from the album cover which shows a tusk being held by a couple of hands, the sky looks like a storm is coming and there’s hawks flying in circles because on the ground, is a dead elephant. It also touches a bit on the government and current affairs and also love and relationships.

Big up to Parking lot grass, I hope to hear more from these dashing and talented boys or is it men? Boys sounds so catchy though.


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